Explore the Electronic Catalogue on Biodiversity Descriptor

Explore the Electronic Catalogue on Biodiversity Descriptor

Within the tasks of the activity 1 group of the ActionMed project was to create a catalogue that includes indicators/indices for the biodiversity descriptor of the MSFD. The concept was to support scientific considerations regarding this descriptor in order to have in hand all appropriate documentation available to reach an appropriate decision for Good Environmental Status (GES). Each record in this database is a unique combination of the considered indicator/index/metric and of the document on which it was published.    

Records have been classified using the fields:

‘Name’: name of the indicator/index/metric

‘Element’: environmental elements to which the indicator/index/metric is referred to (e.g. Macrozoobenthos, Phytoplankton, Fish, etc,.). The use of some non conventional fields (i.e. General, Habitats) was necessary to classify indicators/indices/metrics generally covering more than a single element.

‘Publication title’: title of the publication

‘Publication authorship’: authorship of the publication

‘Year of publication’

‘Journal/Manual’: name of the scientific journal/manual/report where the indicator/index/metric is reported

Typology‘: typology of publication (i.e. scientific article or technical manual/report)

‘Descriptor addressed’: MSFD descriptor covered by the indicator/index/metric


The catalogue is inclusive of:

Total number of entries: 855

Total number of authors: 465

Total number of index/metrics: 456

Total number of publications: 200, of which 116 scientific papers and 84 technical reports.

The original contributions to the indicator database were collected from the ActionMed partners.