Activity 4 Deliverables

Activity 4 Deliverables

The best practices that were documented within Activity 4 for physical, chemical and biological data and information facilitated the interoperability between the diverse data systems. Common standards for data and metadata formats, quality control, visualization, discovery, access, assembling, and indicators provision were applied at all processing levels, from acquisition until the final assessment. Therefore, more data and information of known quality were finally available for use in the MSFD planning and implementation for more and better results for addressing the targets of achieving the GES at the Mediterranean Seas.

D4.1: “Analysis on information management system for relevant knowledge and data to support MSFD/EcAp”

This deliverable aimed to identify the possible data flows between the portals, the services and network for sharing environmental data. Among others, two principal data and reporting of information network were involved in the analysis: EMODnet and InfoMAP of INFO/RAC.

ActionMed Deliverable 4.1


D4.3: “Action plan for the improvement of the information management system for relevant knowledge and data”

This document contains an action plan for data interoperability to address the task of facilitating Member States in the definition of their Programmes of Measures for establishing and maintaining Good Environmental Status (GES) in European Seas. This could not have been achieved without a structured and definitive information management system. To improve such a system and for the relevant MSFD knowledge and data for EcAp, this deliverable also considers the approaches used by the RSCs.

ActionMed Deliverables D4.3 Data Action Plans



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