Workshop: Best practice on data interoperability for MSFD

Workshop: Best practice on data interoperability for MSFD

This workshop was the second meeting of the Activity 4 of the ACTIONMED project, with the title “Best practice on data interoperability for MSFD”. The workshop took place at the JRC (Joint Research Centre ) in Ispra from the 25th (afternoon) to the 26th of October 2016 and it was organized in collaboration with JRC.

The first one was dedicated to a shared session with the INSPIRE Marine pilot project, to present the work done by the two projects and to discuss/analyze the action/characteristics requested by the two directives INSPIRE and MSFD in the data management and reporting activities from Member States to the Commission and the EEA.

In the second half-day, dedicated to ActionMed project, after two presentation on the role of the Regional Sea Convention in the data management, there was an open discussion on the possible actions: a) within the project frame(short term); b) before the end of 2018 (medium term); c) after 2018 (long term).

Proposed by the organizers accomodation:

Viale Libertà 11 – ANGERA (ITA)
Tel: 0331930232 Fax: 0331930232


Please find the agenda here.


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