ActionMed 2nd Sub-Regional Stakeholder Workshop: Stakeholders in Dialogue

ActionMed 2nd Sub-Regional Stakeholder Workshop: Stakeholders in Dialogue

Towards common Measures for Good Environmental Status in Cyprus, Greece and Malta

 Date: Thursday, 3 November 2016, Nicosia, Cyprus

 Venue: “The Classic Hotel” (94 Rigenis Str, 1513 Nicosia)

This workshop will bring together the MSFD decision-makers of Cyprus, Greece and Malta and encourage their active participation in the definition and identification of common Measures for Descriptors 5 (eutrophication), 8 (contaminants), 9 (contaminants in seafood) and 10 (marine litter), for implementation at a sub-regional level. Three interlinked steps, requiring the active input of the participating decision-makers, will be applied as follows: i) Determination of the main common gaps and needs with regards to PoMs for each of the aforementioned descriptors; ii) Identification of possible measures to fill the gaps and needs; and iii) Evaluation of the identified measures, using the DeCyDe-4-ActionMed toolbox, based on a predefined list of criteria. For this purpose, the draft PoMs developed for each of the participating countries, where available, will be reviewed. For each of the four Descriptors, the result will be a list of measures, ranked to reflect the views and opinions of the attending stakeholders. In this manner, DeCyDe-4-ActionMed will provide a toolbox for the engagement of decision-makers, through a truly participatory method. This will in turn elicit support from these stakeholders in the incorporation of the measures as part of their national Programmes.

The workshops draft agenda could be found Agenda.

More information on accommodation could be found here.


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