Activity 1 Deliverables

Activity 1 Deliverables

Activity 1 of the ActionMed project aimed to identify the gaps of knowledge and needs in relation to the Initial Assessments, definition of GES, and set the targets with a special focus on biodiversity descriptors and hydrographical conditions (in particular D1, D4, D6 and D7), for which targeted actions were taken, in order to enable a systematic solution of them at regional level in the Mediterranean. The activity built on the regional level through the involvement of Barcelona Convention, UNEP-MAP monitoring expert groups (CORMONs) and EU level work (especially on ongoing work in the GES and Targets EU Working Group).


“Preliminary Report on MSFD biodiversity descriptors/indicators for the Mediterranean – A comparison of targets and associated indicators & Proposal of a common set of biodiversity indicators for the Mediterranean Sea”

This deliverable analyzes the data reported by Mediterranean MSs aiming to identify common approaches in GES definition and establishment of environmental targets related to the 11 MSFD Descriptors, however focusing on those relating to biodiversity. This deliverable constituted the preliminary report of the task outcomes focusing on biodiversity descriptors 1, 4, 6 and 7, where the analysis of Articles 9 and 10 is presented, as well as a comparative socio-economic analysis of the MSs Initial Assessments of article 8 (8c). In addition, some elements of article 8 relating to pressures (8b) have been included to highlight the pressures exerted on biodescriptors as provided by MSs.


D1.3: “Final report on MSFD biodiversity descriptors/indicators for the Mediterranean” – A comparison of targets and associated indicators & proposal of a common set of biodiversity indicators for the Mediterranean Sea.

This deliverable includes a full assessment and analysis following the preliminary work set in D1.1.

D1.3 ActionMed MSFD Biodiversity descriptors indicators

D1.4: “Manual for strategies for ongoing assessment of biodiversity indicators in the Mediterranean”

This manual contains an analysis and comparison of biodiversity indicators used by MSs in their Initial Assessments which in turn has led to an analytical roadmap for biodiversity action plans (D1.6).


D1.5: “Development of intelligent tools for biodiversity indicators.”

A GIS toolbox has been developed, in order to help the Environmental Status assessment related to Biodiversity (D1) and Seafloor Integrity (D6) descriptors. The main concept is to calculate and visualize the benthic habitats’ sensitivity, which is related to the pressures acting upon them.

D1.5 ActionMed – Intelligent tools for biodiversity indicators


D1.6: “Recommendations and a roadmap for biodiversity monitoring and assessment mid and long term action plans in Mediterranean member states.”

Within Activity 1 and for the descriptor of biodiversity, short term (2015/2016), mid-term (2018) and long-term (beyond 2018) actions developed on how to address the regional gaps in the coming years.

D1.6_Biodiversity Action Plans



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